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Linguafun is the fun and effective way to learn a new language!

Introducing Linguafun - An Introduction to British Sign Language, our program is specifically designed to help learners develop a fundamental understanding of BSL. We continuously enhance and expand the Linguafun website, regularly adding extra resources to enrich the learning experience. By subscribing to Linguafun, you gain full access to all areas of our website, providing excellent value for money while actively engaging young learners. Moreover, Linguafun can be accessed from home, creating valuable family learning opportunities and bridging the gap between school and home-based learning.

learning BSL

We hope you will find these activities both useful and interesting. We would recommend working alongside somebody who regularly uses BSL in their daily life activities.

BSL language teaching

Menus introduce key phrases alongside an animation demonstrating the correct sign.

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An introduction to BSL encourages learners to further enhance their comunication skills.

learning BSL program

Linguafun offers this introduction to BSL fully inclusive in your school's subscription.

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