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Linguafun is the fun and effective way to learn a new language!

Linguafun online resources cover the contents and skills from the New KS2 Programme of Study for foreign languages.

User-friendly menus are organised in topics for easy reference and make navigation around Linguafun quick and simple.

The flexible and easily adaptable content allows the teacher to choose from a range of activities and resources that best suit their pupils' needs, allowing for differentiation and gradual progression, whilst covering the four key areas of language attainment.The teachers are able to motivate all their pupils, through the wide variety of fun, engaging and rewarding activities, songs, rhymes and colourful stories.

Every unit also contains printable resources, such as: supporting worksheets, two different sets of A5 flashcards (which can be enlarged and laminated for a colourful classroom display), pair games, board games, certificates and more.

The content is continuously being updated, in order to remain curriculum relevant and to support the needs of our members, with more topics, activities, rhymes, stories, songs, flashcards, worksheets and various other resources being added on a regular basis.

Linguafun is constantly expanding and it currently offers over 8,000 interactive activities, stories, songs, rhymes, quizzes and thousands of printable resources: worksheets, flashcards, pair games, board games, certificates and more, covering French, Spanish, German, Italian, English, British Sign Language and Latin. In addition, we also offer KS2 Maths and Science sections, at no extra cost!

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