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Linguafun is the fun and effective way to learn a new language!

Linguafun has been designed, tried and tested by KS2 MFL teachers, following years of research and practical application within primary schools. It has been continuously improved and expanded, with extra resources regularly added. A subscription to Linguafun offers full access to all languages and helps to engage young learners, while offering fantastic value for money. Families can enjoy access from home, offering family learning opportunities while helping to bridge the school-home learning gap.

german teaching resources

Learners are introduced to new vocabulary naturally, seeing the pictures and hearing the sounds, before being shown the text. All the interactive games support this method throughout the Linguafun website making them ideal German teaching resources.

learning to speak german

Fun games are used by children throughout the world, showing why Linguafun is an ideal method of learning to speak German.

learning german online

Specialised games are one of the reasons why Linguafun is a successful way of learning German online. These materials will further enhance your current MFL teaching resources.

learn german for children

If you are looking for a great way to learn German for children, you have found the ideal resource.

learn german at home

Children who want to learn to learn German at home, navigate through our website using our user-friendly menus. We offer a comprehensive, wide-range of games covering different subjects and topics.

ks2 worksheets

Each unit is complemented by printable MFL teaching resources and fun activity sheets. These sheets can be set as work within the school, or sent home as continuation work. They can be collected in and kept in a folder to show development of student’s abilities, as their confidence grows. A strong portfolio of KS2 worksheets can be presented to students at the end of their studies as evidence of their dedication.