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Linguafun has been designed to assist you in delivering your classes. It has been continuously improved and expanded, with extra resources regularly added. A subscription to Linguafun offers full access to all area of our website and helps to engage young learners, while offering fantastic value for money. Families can enjoy access from home, offering family learning opportunities while helping to bridge the school-home learning gap.

learning science

Learners are introduced to concepts through diagrams and explanations. The 'basics' are explained, with further topics added upon request.

science learning software

Learners are encouraged to explore at their own pace, re-reading where necessary, and proceeding when they feel comfortable that they understand the topic.

learning science online

Examples of the topic covered are shown to support the learning process.

learn science for children

Multiple examples of a concept are demonstrated.

science learning program

Help us to help you - let us know what you would like to see added and let us design it for you. We don't tell you what to deliver, you tell us what you need and we assist you.

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