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Linguafun is the fun and effective way to learn a new language!

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Linguafun is a comprehensive language learning program that aligns with the KS2 Programme of Study and the Elementary K-6 guidelines for foreign languages. Teachers worldwide have already embraced it to enrich their lessons and enhance student learning.

With Linguafun, you gain access to a wide range of teaching and learning resources presented in an enjoyable and approachable manner. These resources include interactive games, quizzes, rhymes, songs, and stories, all designed to make language lessons engaging and effective.

Each unit within Linguafun follows a structured approach that facilitates vocabulary, phrase, and grammar acquisition. Through exciting activities, students have the opportunity to develop all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Linguafun caters to the needs of both specialist and non-specialist teachers. It can be utilized as a whole-class teaching resource, making use of interactive whiteboards or projectors. Alternatively, it can be used individually or in pairs with iPads, tablets, or laptops. The integrated audio files feature clear introductions to vocabulary and sentences, presented by native speakers.

Our commitment extends to supporting schools and assisting teachers in saving valuable preparation time, while helping students build confidence through a diverse range of enjoyable and interactive activities.

Linguafun continues to expand its offerings, currently boasting over 8,000 interactive activities, quizzes, rhymes, stories, songs, and a multitude of printable resources. These resources include worksheets, flashcards, pair games, board games, certificates, and more. Linguafun covers a wide range of languages such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, English, British Sign Language, and Latin. As an added bonus, we also provide KS2 Maths and Science sections at no extra cost!